CTA Bus Tracker

Let’s make a custom “clock” that constantly checks and updates the arrival times for the bus outside my house.  You’ll need to apply for a CTA API key to make this work.  I’ve run my clock for about 12 hours total, will update if I find reliability issues.


  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Pi power supply
  3. Wifi dongle
  4. 7-segment LED “backpack”


Wiring (Backpack to Pi Rev2).  If you look at the Pi with the SD card facing up, you’ll see GPIO pin #1 marked at upper right as “P1”.

  1. D >> SDA
  2. C >> SCL
  3. + >> 5v
  4. – >> GND
  5. IO >> 3.3v

Now follow this tutorial to get all your libraries in place.  Once everything is wired/updated, try entering the following 3 commands into the terminal:


If that works then you’re ready for the last step.  Download this python script on Github.  Follow these instructions to get your Pi to automatically run the script on startup.  Enjoy!  Will update soon with pictures/CAD files of the finished housing.

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