SHKB v3 @ AIC Curriculum Fair, Chicago

SHKB v3 on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.  The teachers of the curriculum fair were a surprisingly relaxed bunch, and were less interested in the practice of bashing than most audiences.  That said, I did have some great conversations about possible applications for SHKB in special-needs classrooms.  Another teacher also turned me on to TAB – an approach I’ll be evaluating as I keep working on the foundations curriculum at Columbia College.


One thought on “SHKB v3 @ AIC Curriculum Fair, Chicago

  1. Georgina

    Thanks for bringing the SHKB to the Art Institute of Chicago, Taylor! I’m pleased to read your summary of interactions with teachers—it captures the spirit of the Curriculum Fair as a forum for exchange of ideas and practices. Looking forward to having you at the 3D printing workshop in July!


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