Opposable Thumbs Episode 10: Creating Problems


My project for this episode downloads and prints a new poem by an Islamic author every morning. This poem is printed on thermal receipt paper, just like the kind you get at the gas station. I felt that receipt paper was appropriate because the only direct connection many Americans have with the Islamic world is through the consumption of their oil. Here the transactional nature is exploded; though I am still “taking” something from Muslims, hopefully it can complicate the rather flat messages about the culture that I’ll be bombarded with for the rest of the day through the news and social media.

As always, please listen to the show and send us your feedback. Set up a thermal printer using these steps. Then use the following code that I put together for this episode:


Opposable Thumbs is a podcast where Rob Ray and I solve a different design challenge every two weeks. Each episode features a guest with a different creative background, and each guest picks the challenge for the next episode. You can listen to all of our episodes here. Shout out to Matthew Steinke for coming up with the “Creating Problems” challenge!

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