Taylor Hokanson

taylor (at) taylorhokanson (dot) com

515 N. Noble St. #204
Chicago, Illinois 60642

Taylor Hokanson is a DIY engineer, CAD/CAM evangelist, and an Assistant Professor of Art at Columbia College Chicago. Like the digital media at the center of his research, Hokanson’s practice blurs the boundaries between conceptual art and the hard sciences. He frequently works with hacked electronics, changing the function of common consumer gadgets so that they become alien and unfamiliar. His Sledgehammer-operated Keyboard is a popular example: in changing the scale, material and interface of a common device, Hokanson asks the user to reconsider a communicative medium devalued by ease of use.

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  1. James

    Hi there! I came across your bus tracker project and I think that is a cool idea that I want to replicate with the new Raspberry Pi Zeros. Only thing is that I live in Toronto Canada. Our tansit authority: “Toronto Transit Commission” provides public API’s for all its routes and stops from a provider called Nextbus. Do you think your program could be modified to use for our Transit system without much modification?

    1. Taylor Post author

      This was my first API project, so I’m no expert. A quick google returns this repo that documents how the Nextbus API functions. It look a lot like the system here in Chicago, so I imagine you could modify the code without many changes.


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