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I made this piece for a show called Little Man Pee Pool Party, curated by Paul Nudd.  Each work in the show was inspired by the Maneken PisPBDB responds when touched, squirting water and playing one of four sound effects.  Uh, it’s about man’s inhumanity to man or something.

P.B.D.B. tech notes

The P.B.D.B. figurine is a solid aluminum cast that I had laying around from my foundry days.  I used it as a capacitive sensor so that I wouldn’t have to mount a big ugly button on the belly.  The sounds come from an Adafruit WAV shield, and the water is moved via windshield washer pump.  I was amazed by how much current those things draw – I had to put a 5A power supply in the box to get it running.