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Arduino + Processing

Sparkfun has an excellent tutorial on the process of getting communication going between Arduino and¬†Processing. It’s a bit word-heavy for my taste, so here’s a condensed version that my students are using this semester. All that’s required is an Arduino, a 10K resistor, a photoresistor, and some wire. See the comments at the top of the Arduino sketch below for a simplified wiring diagram. Note: this code only works one way (Arduino > Processing).



First you should run this short program to find which port the Arduino is communicating on:

Now edit the following program with the port (around line 13) and run it. Don’t forget to plug in your circuit and to close the serial monitor in Arduino if it’s currently running.


Manual WordPress Site Backup (Bluehost)

I found the process of learning how to backup wordpress with my host pretty confusing. On the one hand, noobs might not be aware that the files that make up the website can be downloaded directly via FTP, but that the database that houses all the text/page content must be acquired separately. Bluehost also has a couple of videos stating that free backups are performed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, but it seems that only weekly is currently true (and, confusingly, it’s labeled as a daily backup). So…

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Click on File Management > Site Backup Pro
  3. Click Free > Backup and Restore
  4. Download MySQL database and Home Folder
  5. Update: Home Folder download keeps failing, so I’m just FTPing it instead.

Note: I have not tried restoring these yet, so YMMV.

Host a live website on Google Drive

Google has instructions on how to do this, but they kept confusing my students. Here’s an attempt to make the process clearer (and more useful – we’ll be sharing folders instead of pages). Note that this feature will cease working as of August 31 2016.

  1. Log in to Google Drive. This may not work from an institutional account like those we have at Columbia College. Safari can also try problems, so maybe try Chrome.
  2. Create a new folder
  3. Right click this folder and select “Share”
  4. then “Advanced”
  5. then “Change”
  6. the “On – Public on the Web”
  7. click Save, then copy the “Link to Share”
  8. Paste this link into a plain text editor, then delete everything to the left of “=” and the right of “&”. Delete = and & as well.
  9. This is your Document ID
  10. Now put  in front of your Doc ID
  11. Now you’ve got a live URL! Type it into a browser and see if it works.

Remove titles from WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin

Every time I update WP I lose the changes I made to the WPBC plugin. I know there’s a better way to do this with theme children or something, but here’s a note to self for now. Maybe you’ll find it useful.

Plugins > Editor > Select Plugin > WP Bootstrap Carousel
Comment out the following:
$carousel .= '<h3 class="carousel-post-title">' . $item-&gt;post_title . '</h3>';

Carpetvista competition 2015

I entered a carpet design competition with a little generative Processing app, because why not? I’ve really had textiles on the brain…