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Host a live website on Google Drive

Google has instructions on how to do this, but they kept confusing my students. Here’s an attempt to make the process clearer (and more useful – we’ll be sharing folders instead of pages). Note that this feature will cease working as of August 31 2016.

  1. Log in to Google Drive. This may not work from an institutional account like those we have at Columbia College. Safari can also try problems, so maybe try Chrome.
  2. Create a new folder
  3. Right click this folder and select “Share”
  4. then “Advanced”
  5. then “Change”
  6. the “On – Public on the Web”
  7. click Save, then copy the “Link to Share”
  8. Paste this link into a plain text editor, then delete everything to the left of “=” and the right of “&”. Delete = and & as well.
  9. This is your Document ID
  10. Now put  in front of your Doc ID
  11. Now you’ve got a live URL! Type it into a browser and see if it works.