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Testing Internet Speeds

AT&T tells me you can’t trust sites that test your internet speed. When I had a tech out for repairs today, I was able to ask him for live stats to compare to a few web services. This one matched the AT&T test almost exactly.


My colleague Greg Corness at Columbia College just turned me on to Defamiliarization, or the presentation of common things in an unfamiliar way. This leads to reevaluation of assumptions, and describes my research really well. Here’s a recent article dealing with the topic through the design of the kitchen.

3D Printing Panel and Roundtable Discussion @ New Media Caucus / CAA 2014


I took this opportunity to present examples of my work from the last ten years.  I used to be suspicious of 3D printing, but now I can’t get enough!  Find more info at the NMC website.  Photo (of Tom Burtonwood and various panelists) courtesy of Rachel Clarke.