Accurate isometric grid template for Illustrator

Here’s a little isometric grid template that I made for Illustrator. Hope you find it useful!

27 thoughts on “Accurate isometric grid template for Illustrator

  1. dsgoen

    This is a Creative Cloud file that doesn’t open as anything on older versions; I tried CS6. More my problem than yours, but I thought that I would mention it.

          1. Brad

            Opened the PDF in Illustrator CS5 on OSX and flipped guides on & off a few times, they’re definitely not there – must still not be importing correctly. An .ai saved for CS4 and up compatibility might work

  2. Adam

    Hi! THX for the template, only one thing: Why do u use 29 degree instead of 30 degree and why do u use 151 degree instead of 150 degree? Im using Adobe CC, it f****d up my day, finally i measured the degrees and found the mistake…

    1. Taylor Post author

      I can’t remember exactly, but I think I arrived at the angles by rotating a camera in 3D around a cube, then flattening the image. If you have a more precise version please send along a link.

      1. Ljubomir Mateljan

        I also noticed that the angle is 29°, and it should be 30°. This is NOT an isometric grid. It’s easy to make isometric grid in illustrator if you make a hexagon, rotate it (two steps, holding the “Shift” key), connect the dots and duplicate it. 😉 Thanks for sharing, anyway, although this grid is not useful. Please change the title, you’ll ruin someone’s work! I send you love!

  3. SomeAsshole

    Hi there! The grid worked for me in CS6. Had to use the old creative suite download you provided. Guides wouldn’t show up. Thanks!


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